Features and Benefits of EZGO™ HTGT

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The EZGO™ High Torque and Gas Tight Premium Connection

Engineered for performance and usability, the EZGO™ HTGT offers the versatility and the strength to perform successfully in the most demanding conventional, unconventional, thermal, and horizontal well drilling operations.  With a metal-to-metal seal and robust and superior thread design, the EZGO™ HTGT outperforms the competitions in terms of operational and yield torque and has been tested to not fail even under the most extreme internal and external pressures.


  • Gas Tight, Metal to Metal Seal
  • Compatible with API® Buttress Accessories
  • Flush ID
  • Loss Stress Thread Design
  • Low Galling Risk
  • Special Clearance Option
  • Option for Solid Torque Stop in Coupling
  • Shorter Coupling Length
  • Available in Pin-to-Pin Contact


  • Full contact, metal to metal, gas tight seal
  • Superior gas-tight sealing, even under the most severe combined loads.
  • Seal integrity remains constant, even after repeated make up and break-outs
  • Higher yield torque and compression compared to competitors
  • Interchangeable with API Buttress, lowering cost of accessories
  • Revolutionary, cost-efficient design that results in a high performance connection made from API collar stock
  • Reduced coupling hoop stress
  • Flush ID reduces connection turbulence
  • Exceeds 100% pipe body strength, 100% compression, tension, burst and collapse
  • Superior thread integrity under tension
  • Outperforms competitors’ yield torque


EZGO Performance Data

EZGO™ HTGT Connection Data Sheets

With the EZGO™ Connection Data Sheet Tool, you can view the pipe and connection specifications and performance data for the Pipe Size, Weight, Grade, and Connection Type that you are interested in.

Once you have created the Connection Data Sheet, you can easily print or download the PDF file.

*Please ensure that your Pop Up Blocker is disabled in order to view the Connection Data Sheet.